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How do I avoid catching COVID-19?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The best way to avoid infection is to avoid contact with someone with COVID-19, practise 'social distancing' and to not travel overseas at this time.

As with other communicable diseases, people with symptoms should stay at home, except to get medical care, and should avoid using public transport.

Everyone should practise good hand and cough hygiene:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, or use alcohol-based hand sanitiser (e.g. before and after eating, and after going to the toilet).

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and dispose of it straight away; wash your hands afterwards.

  • Cough or sneeze into your (flexed) elbow.

  • Cough away from other people.

  • Stay more than 1.5 metres away from people.

Avoid touching your face and mouth while out in public. Do not touch, kiss or hug people outside your immediate family.

What is 'social distancing'?

‘Social distancing’ helps reduce the risk of a virus being transmitted.

Social distancing includes:

  • avoiding crowds and mass gatherings where it is hard to keep a reasonable distance from others (about 1.5 metres)

  • avoiding small gatherings in enclosed spaces

  • keeping 1.5 metres between you and other people

  • not shaking hands, hugging or kissing

  • not visiting vulnerable people, such as those in aged-care facilities or hospitals, babies or people with weakened immune systems

What is 'non-essential travel'?

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, the Australian Government is advising that all non-essential travel should be cancelled. This includes all unnecessary travel within your own area, visiting other towns and cities and journeys interstate. If you have a trip or holiday planned, it should be cancelled.

This advice does not include travel that is part of everyday life, such as journeys to work or to the shops for essential supplies.

Cited https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/coronavirus-covid-19-how-to-avoid-infection-faqs#social-distancing

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