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Apple Watch Saves a man's life

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

When Jason Potts fell off a ladder and broke his shoulder, spine and ribs, it was the last thing he expected that wear his Apple Watch would “save his life”.

On September 20, Mr. Potts was washing the gutters of his home in the Latrobe Valley when the force of the pressure washer he was using split the piece of wood he was carrying and pushed him off the ladder backwards.

He was hurled over his 1.8 m high fence, falling head first in the backyard of his neighbours.

As blood began to pool around him from a large gash on his head, his neighbours rushed to help and began administering first aid, while another called triple-0.

But when she was on the emergency caller ‘s phone, it was another triple-0 operator ‘s voice that shocked them all.

“A voice came out of my watch saying ‘hello, can anyone hear me, your Apple Watch has detected a fall and called triple-0, do you require an ambulance?’,” Mr Potts said.

“That was a triple-0 operator on the end of the line saying the Apple Watch had contacted them so that was a bit of a spin out.

“I’m 107kg so I landed with all that weight behind me on my shoulder and head.”

The 54-year-old said it took them a little while to find out what was going on until they got the conversation going and told the operator that a triple-0 call had already been made.

The smart watch, however, was not done attempting to assist its wounded owner.

“I set up my wife as the emergency contact so the watch sent her a text message saying Jason has had a hard fall, here’s a map to his location,” Mr Potts said.

A spokeswoman for the Emergency Services said it wasn’t the first time their operators had received a call initiated from a smart watch.

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