I am the Head Trainer and Assessor and Directory of Industry Training and Assessment Services.


A business that I established in 2011 


I am a qualified Trainer and Assessor and I deliver Nationally Recognised First Aid, CPR and Health courses to students in partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909


I also deliver face to face and on-line courses in:

Diploma and Certificate IV in Community Service

Certificate III Individualised Support (Ageing, Disability, Home and Community)

Certificate IV Ageing Support


I am also a contracted online Trainer and Assessor for:

Diploma, Certificate IV in Mental Health Diploma

Certificate IV in Community Services

Certificate III in Individualised Support ( Disability, Ageing, Home and Community)

Certificate IV in Disability

Certificate IV in Ageing Support


My primary responsibility as a Trainer and Assessor is to develop, prepare, deliver, assess and evaluate qualifications whilst ensuring that contractual and compliance requirements for the delivery of programs are met in accordance with Australian Qualification Training Framework


To remain current in industry, I also work in Aged Care/Disability and volunteer for the NSW Police Department as a Drug and Alcohol Presenter for the Traffic Intervention Offenders Program


To remain current in the Vocational Education Training Industry, I regularly participate in online development and webinars


To provide my students with the best learning experience possible I:

Provide structure for my students

Teach with enthusiasm and passion

Display a positive attitude

I make learning an enjoyable experience

Show an interest in the students lives, outside the classroom

Treat my students with respect and

Create a secure and safe environment